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Let Your Winch Save the Day: The Three Ways to Keep it Running Properly

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 18 Jan 2017 19:40 PM / Comments Off on Let Your Winch Save the Day: The Three Ways to Keep it Running Properly / 185 views

Terrain VehicleXTV riders barely pay attention to winches until they get their vehicles stuck. However, when the winch has accomplished its job and they whirl the cable back in, most riders won’t realize the item that saved their day. They’ve always taken care of their vehicle once they bought it from an 8×8 ARGO XTV dealer like Shank’s Argo. Yet, they tend to disregard the critical part that always saves their day.

To keep the winch properly functioning, follow the steps listed here:

Proper Winch Winding

When you’ve used your winch once or twice, you will recognize that the cable is beginning to get crooked on the bind or wind up on the drum. This causes the cable to affix itself on the winch housing. When this happens, it consumes more space on the drum and damages the steel cable. To fix this, you have to pull the cable up off the drum until you see that there are only two wraps left of cable on the winch.

Afterwards, fasten the cable to a firm item and put the vehicle in neutral. Then, gradually winch the cable back while you try to handle the position of the cable reel. Make sure that you wear heavy gloves and look out for frays that could attach to your hands. You should also make sure that your hands are a few feet away from the actual winch. This easy method guarantees that you have a clean and reliable winch next time you get stuck in the mud.

Battery Connection

Reassess if the cables hooked to the battery are clean and secure, so the winch receives all the essential power it needs. This will also assist in avoiding damage to the solenoid switch for the winch by delivering the power it requires to ensure the contacts are firmly connected.

Winch Cable

Steel cables tend to fray, which has become extremely risky to use if it is not properly controlled. Fraying steel lines can cut through your fingers and might even hold on to debris while pulling it into the winch drum. Don’t try to cut off fraying braids because you should only replace the winch when it begins to fray horribly.

Winches are one of the most useful accessories an eXtreme Terrain Vehicle has, which is why you need to take care of it properly.