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Long Weekend Retreats That Can Make Lasting Changes to Your Life

By Admin / Published on Monday, 12 Feb 2018 03:35 AM / Comments Off on Long Weekend Retreats That Can Make Lasting Changes to Your Life / 169 views

Girl blissfully jumpingWho wouldn’t be thrilled to take a time out from life? Unfortunately, that isn’t normally an option for the average person, as life, bills, job, family and responsibilities can put a damper on dreams of big adventures. But there is hope. Read on to learn about your options.

The Alternative: A Series of Short Time Outs for Each Season

There is another way to have that great time out of everyday life. A series of long weekend retreats can be the great boost you have been dreaming about. For instance, a long weekend yoga meditation retreat can be a catalyst for a more spiritual, healthier, happier and fulfilling life. With mediation, Reiki and natural healing, you will learn techniques that can help heal your mind, body and spirit.

Plan your next getaway maybe with a retreat that teaches you the cooking skills and methods to prepare foods you have only dreamt of cooking. Of course, you will be eating the fabulous foods you and your fellow adventurers prepared. You may likewise drink the perfect beverages to pair with your foods.

The Choices are Unlimited

The choices are unlimited, but the difficult part will be narrowing them down. Here are some of the unique retreats you can choose from.

Artist retreat – You will learn more about your craft and have the time to indulge in something that you love. You will likewise be spending more time with other creative people.

Beachside Safari Wilderness retreat – If connecting with nature is your thing, then you can swim with Whale Sharks, Seals, and Dolphins while on this once in a lifetime adventure retreat.

Wine Tasting Retreat – Enjoy great wines and fabulous food.

Gardening retreat – If getting your hands dirty and designing the perfect garden is your passion, you will love this retreat and maybe become a master gardener.

Survivalist retreat – Learn survival skills and techniques whilst challenging your mind and body.

Guitar Building retreat – Musically inclined individuals can build their own guitars and take them home.

Rainforest retreat – Zip Line through the rainforest if you are not afraid of heights or conquer your fears on an adventurous retreat.

Spirituality retreat – A retreat featuring the teachings of spiritual quests of yoga, along with the healing arts of Crystals, Reiki Healing, Meditation and so much more may change your life for the better.

Life’s great adventures are not only found in books, TV shows and movies, nor are they just for the wealthy. There are many types of retreats for any age, budget and length of stay. Treat yourself to mini adventure retreats that can be the foundation for changes and goals you have promised yourself.