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Making Your Wedding More Affordable

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 18 Apr 2017 17:02 PM / Comments Off on Making Your Wedding More Affordable / 138 views

The organizer and the bride talkingIn the United Kingdom, exchanging husband-and-wife vows the traditional way comes with costs averaging around £38,666.

And while this already includes all the works, such as the wedding and reception venues, flowers, food and beverages, as well as giveaways among other things, that is a huge expense.

Here are ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of your wedding:

Consider a two-in-one venue

There are great wedding venues in the town of Tunbridge Wells where you can have both the ceremony and reception. Combining the two can significantly trim your site expenses, not to mention, make it more convenient and comfortable for everyone.

And in case you want the exchanging of vows to happen in a church or somewhere else, you can just choose a nearby reception spot. This way, you can still cut transportation costs. Besides, this town boasts of charm and history, making it an ideal venue for weddings and other special occasions.

You do not have to have a large entourage

One reason behind the exorbitant average wedding cost is due to having such a huge entourage, such as having five bridesmaids, all of whom wear tailored dresses. This alone will take such a huge chunk off your budget, so choose two or three of the people closest to you to do the honours.

As for the others you want to remain involved, you can have them take part in the readings and other important parts of the ceremony.

A lovely wedding cake that does not have a high price tag

One of the highlights of this special day, a wedding cake can cost you hundreds, even thousands of pounds, depending on the style and the number of tiers you want. You want a great-looking, delicious cake, but you can have one without the extraordinary price tag.

Have someone that you can trust to do it without asking you for a professional fee.

Yes, you most definitely want your wedding day to be one of the best, most memorable events in your life, but it does not necessarily have to cost you thousands of pounds. Nor do you have to compromise, as long as you take heed of these strategies.