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Metal and Stone: A Love Wrought in a Ring

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 14 Dec 2017 18:45 PM / Comments Off on Metal and Stone: A Love Wrought in a Ring / 187 views

couple buying a pair of ringJewelry is a significant accessory not only for women, but also for men. Yet there are two more important pieces of jewelry women are proud to wear: engagement and wedding rings. They are the ultimate symbols of status and wealth.

For those who are looking to find ready- or custom-made designed engagement and wedding rings, Utah has many top custom jewelry and engagement ring stores and designers, like AAA Jewelers. Some stores even offer vintage and antique rings. Others offer size adjustment service for vintage and heirloom rings.

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are the most sought-after stones for wedding and engagement rings. The stone is the hardest material on the planet, and has represented strength, beauty and eternity in many cultures.

But it was only in 1947 that the diamond became the prime symbol of everlasting love and commitment when DeBeers made one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever: “Diamonds are Forever.”

No matter the carat or cut, a diamond ring has become the choice for any couple who plan to seal their relationship with marriage vows.

Family Heirlooms

Many people also consider jewelry heirloom as a precious piece of investment as well as family history. However, different eras have different preferences for clarity and cut, and so most stones cut in the 1800s may appear cloudy.

Often, these rings may lose their luster, but they can be easily restored to their original gleam when you go to your local jewelry store. They might even offer a customization service to enhance your ring with a unique appearance.

Gold, Silver, or Platinum?

For your ring bands, the most common metal of choice has been gold. Apart from gold, silver is also commonly used for engagement or wedding rings. Shiny, elegant and tarnish-resistant, this precious metal sometimes rivals gold in popularity.

As shiny and gorgeous as silver, platinum has been gaining grounds are the next alternative for gold after silver. Platinum has the same physical characteristics of silver, but is not as malleable.

In the end, no matter which stone or metal you choose for your ring, what matters is that the ring symbolizes your love and commitment to your partner and your union.