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Motorbike Adventures: Choose and Route, Stay at a Campsite, and Enjoy the Ride

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 18 Apr 2018 14:43 PM / Comments Off on Motorbike Adventures: Choose and Route, Stay at a Campsite, and Enjoy the Ride / 150 views

Motorcycle cruising along highwayCamping is not just a group activity. For some, it is a solo activity — as part of a cross-country trip or just riding along in the country. Motorcycle gear experts, such as Ironhorse Gear and Harley Davidson, foster a sense of camaraderie and would recommend that their customers should share experiences.

The Route

The thrill of a long motorbike trip is not the destination, but the road itself. It offers great views, challenging bends and turns as well as climbs and downhill rides. It’s the rider who chooses what they want to see. There are several famous routes great for motorbike rides.

These are usually roads and highways where trucks are not allowed and there are no stop lights. In most instances, they also pass by well-traveled roads or old trails. There’s the Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado, US 129, which runs from North Carolina to Tennessee and the US Route 1 in Maine.

Motorbike Friendly Camping

Riding along the highway, you can take your time and stop whenever you want to. There are plenty of places where you can stretch your legs and take a hike, or take in the view.

For long routes, or when going cross-country, you have a choice of a campsite, a national park, or even campsites that cater specifically to bike riders. There are days when you want to be alone, and camp out on your own. There will also be days when you want to have a hot shower and a prepared hot meal.

Some of the more popular campsites for bike riders include Two Wheels Only in Georgia, Songdog Ranch in California, Willville Motorcycle Campground in Virginia. These are just a couple of places where a person and their bike can take shelter and mingle with other bikers.

The allure of riding the back roads is something every motorcycle rider craves. It calls to them, and it is hard to resist. It’s the ride that matters — enjoying the beauty of the country as well as the day’s end at a campsite with fellow enthusiasts.