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Outdoor Workouts: Considering Sun Safety

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 22 Mar 2018 02:37 AM / Comments Off on Outdoor Workouts: Considering Sun Safety / 169 views

Women stretching outsideIf you are a fitness enthusiast, the onset of warm weather brings an opportunity to workout in the outdoors. However, you should try to protect your skin from sun damage. Here are some things you could do to protect your skin.

Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is delicate and vulnerable to sun damage. Wearing appropriate sunglasses protects your eyes and the skin around it. Choose sunglasses based on functionality rather than cosmetic appeal. Choose products from eyewear manufacturers that provide ultraviolet protection. The best are wraparound sunglasses and those with huge frames, as these block light from different angles.


Workout gear that has sun protection is essential if you want to prevent sunburn and blisters. Covering up your skin blocks ultraviolet rays, and workout gear in dark colours and tightly woven fabrics are the most protective. Choose clothing that is comfortable, lightweight and still protects you even when wet. Some manufacturers offer sun-protective clothing with an ultraviolet protection factor. The higher the protective element is, the better it is for your skin.


Applying sunscreen has been an essential part of sun protection. When you want to do any activity outside, whether it’s a high-intensity outdoor workout or a walk in the park, you need to choose a broad-spectrum product with a sun protective factor of between 30 and 50. It should also be water resistant to withstand perspiration. Apply the product before changing into your workout gear for complete coverage. Keep reapplying every hour as you progress through your activity, especially on the most vulnerable spots on your body such as the neck and the head.

While outdoor workouts are good, they can cause trouble for your skin if you fail to take the proper precautions. Use the proper protection to shield your eyes and skin from the harmful effects of the sun.