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Over-the-Top Marriage Proposal Strategies

By Admin / Published on Monday, 30 Jul 2018 08:58 AM / Comments Off on Over-the-Top Marriage Proposal Strategies / 118 views

Surprise wedding proposalMarriage proposals can be as simple or as lavish as you want. But if you’re the overachiever type and always aim to over deliver, you can apply this trait and plan an over-the-top marriage proposal.

Put your own twist in one of these immoderate ideas to blow away your special someone. You won’t regret it because this will be the talk of your wedding day and many gatherings in the years to come.

Let Your Talents Shine

If you are a performer or is not afflicted by stage fright, plan a show and invite your better half and close family or friends to the event. Choose a special song or number to perform for your significant other. If you are extra talented, compose your own song to express your love and intent of tying the knot.

Signify Your Intent Far and Away

If you have the means, you can plan a vacation and whisk your lover away to a fancy destination like New York City where you can pop the question. Plan out extra special activities, such as a night at the opera, theater shows in Broadway and dining experiences leading towards an ultra-romantic night with a nice view and champagne and let your feelings be known. You can even let your loved one choose an engagement ring from one of the many jewelers in New York.

Seal the Deal by the Sea

If you both love the coast and have cultivated your love by the sea, then its only natural to seal the deal on the beach. Arrange a romantic sunset dinner for two right on the beach complete with multi-course chef offerings and live music. Before the night ends, get down on one knee and ask the big question.

Taking your relationship to the next level deserves some over-the-top planning and execution. Friends often swap marriage proposal stories so don’t just settle for an ordinary affair. Get inspired with these ideas and plan an extra special proposal you can be proud of.