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Painlessly Grow Your Salon’s Revenue with 2 Simple Moves

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Painlessly Grow Your Salon’s Revenue with 2 Simple Moves / 96 views

Hair, scissors, and combHaving a pair of professional hairdressing scissors in Canada is proving to be the hallmark of true hair care experts. While customers look towards hair care experts to keep them looking beautiful, many are discouraged by premium prices. In an economy where most people are looking to get more bang for their buck, you can’t afford to overprice your services. Luckily, there are ways to get clients to spend more on each visit without raising your prices.

Brush Up on Skills

Not everyone walking into your salon will have an idea of what to do with their hair. Some clients will follow the latest trends or try to copy their favourite celebrities, with no regards as to whether the style suits them or not. It’s your duty as a stylist to ensure that your customers don’t make such mistakes.

Hence, you need to caution them against such tendencies and steer them towards the styles that fit their look. When you have a great reserve of knowledge, you offer credible advice to clients and persuade them to try out new products. They will trust your advice and recommendations if you come off as knowledgeable and skilful.

Upsell Your Clients

If you’re looking to a credible way to grow your revenue without spending too much on client acquisition, try focusing on your existing clientele. If you can get each client to spend a little bit more on each visit, you can grow your revenue. Upselling your customers is a great way to achieve this feat, but you need to approach it with a bit of caution.

Be careful to avoid hard sales in favour of being persuasive. You can try bundling service or offering an extra service at a discounted price. Upsells work well when you have intimate knowledge of your customers and have cultivated a great deal of trust. That way, you can persuade them to try a new product and service in line with their style and preferences.

Getting your clients to spend more in your salon is the most painless way to grow your revenues without incurring additional expenses. You only need to make sure that your clients get value for their money.