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Progressing to Reiki Level 2: What You Can Expect

By Admin / Published on Friday, 25 Aug 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Progressing to Reiki Level 2: What You Can Expect / 241 views

A woman having a massageSo, you have finally completed your 1st degree Reiki, or Reiki Level 1, where you learned how to open physically the energy channels to establish a connection between yourself and the universal life force energy. Now, you are wondering what the future holds for you.

Your Master, like many others, may have emphasised self-Reiki as the ultimate goal of 1st degree Reiki. As such, you may opt to practice this further, as it allows you overcome the obstacles through your own will and doing.

However, you may also consider progressing into Reiki Level 2, which you can get from institutions such as Vagabond Temple.

The level of the professional practitioner

For those who wish to become a professional practitioner and intend to open a healing centre or practice, you need to take and complete 2nd degree Reiki course. This focuses on the integral components necessary to heal not just yourself, but others too.

Its core concepts revolve around distant or absentee healing, as well as group healing. During the program, you will receive one attonement, wherein your heart will open up to receive and feel unconditional love and compassion.

Furthermore, it is at this level where you will learn to call upon the energy in your own conscious being.

The symbols you will learn

During Second Degree Reiki, you will receive three symbols, namely: the Power Symbol, the Mental Symbol, and the Distance Symbol. The Power Symbol increases the amount of energy that you can channel, allowing you to open and close the connection with the energy while treating yourself or others.

The Mental Symbol allows you to enter various levels of energy, letting you heal not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The Distance Symbol enables you to heal others even at a distance.

In other words, the energy recipient does not have to be with you physically, as you can send the power of energy to anywhere in the world.

Before taking Reiki Level 2, you first need to have had sufficient practice in controlling the intensity and variation of the flow of energy. In most cases, this will take about three months from the time you took Level 1.