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Proper Brain Training: Improving Your Child’s Right Brain Functions

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 20 Aug 2015 08:06 AM / Comments Off on Proper Brain Training: Improving Your Child’s Right Brain Functions / 164 views

child's exploring There are two cerebral hemispheres that separate the human brain physically. These hemispheres work together in cognitive functioning. For example, the right side interprets language, while the left side controls a person’s speech.

Typically, humans utilise both sides of their brains. However, some behaviours suggest that a person has a more dominant hemisphere. To illustrate, a mathematically inclined person may have a dominant  left brain. People with dominant right brains are known to be creative. They are  ‘big picture’ visionaries.

It’s possible to strengthen the weaker hemisphere of the brain with proper cognitive exercises. Understanding the importance  of right brain training aids in a child’s brain development.

Whole-Brain Education

To develop a well-rounded child, the proper approach to rearing should start by examining both character formation and learning abilities. Remember that the true purpose of education is not only to teach knowledge and skills. It should help develop numerous abilities,  enhance creativity and maximise the potential of the brain.

Right and Left Brain Functions

Artists and musicians utilise their right brain more than others. Researchers say the right brain’s dominant functions include visual imagery, face recognition, spatial abilities and music. Analytical abilities, on the other hand, are believed to be from the left cerebral hemisphere.

Heguru Education Centre says right brain training can start early.  The right brain handles intuition, emotions and visualisation. To explore your child’s creative side, engage them in activities that stimulate these processes. Because the brain’s left hemisphere is the logical, sequential side, one effective way to trigger the functions of the right hemisphere is to perform tasks in an illogical manner.

This means breaking regular patterns. Make some changes to their usual routine by doing seemingly simple tasks such as moving the computer’s mouse to the other side of your keyboard or even dressing with the eyes closed.

As a parent, you will feel proud of a child with good analytical skills. You will also want your child to have a creative side. Develop both sides of the brain so your well-rounded child can excel in different areas.