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Prostate Cancer Drug may Actually Extend Lives

By Admin / Published on Friday, 15 May 2015 08:00 AM / Comments Off on Prostate Cancer Drug may Actually Extend Lives / 125 views

DrugsA study found out that doxcetazol, a chemotherapy drug used to treat prostate cancer may actually extend a patient’s life, with researchers saying that the findings are ‘game-changing’. The study was published after the largest prostate cancer trial ever take, with the study involving more than 6,500 men.

An important find

The drug doxcetazol is a chemotherapy drug that is usually given when hormone treatment fails. During the course of the research, they found out that patients who took the drug lived ten months longer than those who did not. The results were even better for patients wherein then cancer had already spread beyond the pelvis, with the results showing that life expectancy actually increases by twenty-two months.

Over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and in the UK alone, almost 11,000 due of the illness each year. The new findings are very relevant and game-changing as chemotherapy is often used as a last resort to treating prostate cancer.

Many experts voiced their opinions that patients suffering from prostate cancer should take the drug early in their treatment. Dr. Iain Frame, director of research at Prostate Cancer UK shared the same sentiment, saying that ‘If it is shown to have a much greater impact on survival when prescribed earlier and alongside hormone therapy, that’s incredibly exciting, and we would want to see this brought in to the clinic so it can benefit men without delay.’

Extending lives

The findings are important to help minimize patient mortality due to prostate cancer, and many are calling for immediate action. The chemotherapy drug is often used in the latter stages when the cancer is already more advanced; the new findings mean that it should be taken earlier to help increase the lives of patients.

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Professor Nicholas James was one of the researchers that undertook the study and said that ‘To see a 22-month survival advantage off six lots of treatment given several years earlier is a very big benefit. ‘

It is no surprise that many who are enduring prostate cancer find this news relieving. Seven years ago, doctors told John Angrave from Hinckley Leicestershire that he only had five years to live. He was one of the many who participated the study and he has gone past the five-year mark that his doctors gave him.

‘I have a good quality of life and I’m alive.’ He said. ‘I walk, I go fishing. I can spend time with my great-grand children.’

Although the findings showed that taking doxcetazol does bring about side effects, doctors said that they are ‘manageable’ and the benefit of extending your lives far outweighs them.