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Redefining Child Education: Home Based or Traditional Day Care Learning?

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015 06:25 AM / Comments Off on Redefining Child Education: Home Based or Traditional Day Care Learning? / 254 views

kidComfort is a factor that parents often overlook when choosing where to send their children for early childhood education. Parents have two options: send their children to day care centres or get home based childcare education services.

Home Based Childcare vs. Traditional Day Care Centres

According to a research by education specialists headed by Rien van Ilzendoorn of the University of Leiden, home based settings offer many benefits than day care centres. Participants of the study included 116 children with ages ranging from 1 ½ to 3 ½ in 55 home based settings and 26 day care centres across the Netherlands. shares the results of the study:

Children’s Stress Levels

As the study shows, childcare quality plays a crucial role in lowering stress levels in children. Studies by Canadian education expert Megan Gunnar and American researcher Michael Meaney support this data with a study of their own.

Gunnar observed the cortisol levels or stress hormones in children. She discovered that around 80% of children in traditional day care settings showed increasing stress as the day progresses, with toddlers exhibiting the highest stress level. The study established that separation from parents is not the only factor in the increase of stress hormones, but also the day care setting itself.

The study further explains that continuous increase in cortisol levels may have an impact on a child’s learning ability. This suggests that quality care may effectively lower children’s stress levels.

Class Size and Wellbeing

Ilzendoorn found significant differences between traditional day care centres and home based learning regarding class size and the relationship between children and their caretakers. Home based settings have a three-children-to-one-caretaker ratio, while traditional day care centres have an eleven-children-to-two-caretaker ratio. Children in home based education programs also appear to have a higher level of comfort and a better relationship with their caretakers.

Parents should provide more thought when it comes to the comfort levels of their children during learning. This can have an effect on their overall upbringing.