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Setting Expectations: Preparing for Your First Gynecological Visit

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 18 May 2017 03:42 AM / Comments Off on Setting Expectations: Preparing for Your First Gynecological Visit / 209 views

GynecologistEvery girl must have her first gynecological exam when she turns 18. She could, however, visit her family doctor earlier if she has a medical issue that needs a pelvic exam or if she is sexually active. She is also required to undergo this exam once a year moving forward, particularly if she is active sexually.

A yearly gynecological exam is extremely beneficial to your health as it can identify any irregularities that have developed and make sure the doctors treat it early on.

Prepping for the Visit

If you are going to your first gynecological exam, healthcare service providers such as suggest the following ways to prepare for it.

Book a visit during the days when you don’t expect your monthly period.

2. If you’re used to douching (which, unfortunately, is considered an unhealthy practice if often done), avoid douching a day before your exam.

3. Avoid sexual intercourse a day before your exam, or use a condom when you do.

4. To not forget the questions to ask your doctor, write them down before your visit.

5. Be ready to inform your doctor of the start date of your last period and its duration.

Before the Examinations

Before you even begin to have your pelvic exam, the staff will get your menstrual and contraceptive history, as well as your medical background. Let them know of any genital symptoms you’ve had in the past, and don’t hesitate to voice out your concerns.

Be Open and Curious

Keep in mind that a pelvic exam offers you the chance to discuss particular things with your clinician, including birth control or safe sex methods. Having a gynecological checkup is also an opportunity for ladies who are not yet sexually active to be well informed before you go into it. Your doctor will introduce you to a contraceptive program customized to your needs. You may also ask him or her about sexually transmitted illnesses to know what to do and what not to do.

Your body requires this visit no matter how intimidating or scary it may seem at first. In truth, you don’t have anything to worry about and have so much more to gain.