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Snowboarding for Newbies

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015 01:54 AM / Comments Off on Snowboarding for Newbies / 273 views

SnowboardingSki resorts offer more than just skiing. You can slide down a mountain slope, riding only one long board. Know what that’s called? Snowboarding. When skiing is not your thing, or you want to try something different, you can try snowboarding. It is as enjoyable as skiing.

Try It

For first-timers, you may be intimidated by the idea of snowboarding. Most people usually imagine the X-Games and crazy stunts when they hear snowboarding. Your experience does not have to be that way.

Prepare for the Trip

You have to prepare your equipment and clothing. You should have a good jacket and layers of clothing under it. Descente ski jackets are good ones. Special snow sports gloves and pants are important too.

Simply Look to Steer

When it comes to the actual thing, experts advise that you simply have to look where you want to move towards. Looking towards the direction you want to move automatically shifts the weight of your body. This is the fundamentals of edge control. Steering a snowboard, and snowboarding itself, is pretty much about where you look and how you shift your weight around.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Experts say that you can actually practice, even at home or in your yard. When you have snowboard boots and a snowboard, you can strap them on and practice your weight shifts. The better you control your weight, the more you can start balancing the different parts of your board — either the nose or the tail. This is called to manual or to butter the board.

You may find snowboarding much more fun than you expect it to be. You simply have to try it first and discover what kind of experience you can have. When you come to like it, you may even end up doing it repeatedly.