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Steroids Can Build Muscles, But Its Misuse Ruins Life

By Admin / Published on Monday, 10 Apr 2017 14:41 PM / Comments Off on Steroids Can Build Muscles, But Its Misuse Ruins Life / 135 views

Man having a roid rageIn Utah, there are many forms of drugs commonly misused and abused, but one that consistently ranks high is the group of prescription medications known as anabolic steroids. Doctors give these synthetic drugs, which primary function is to imitate male sex hormones, particularly testosterone, to AIDS patients or those suffering from significant muscle mass.

The problem is since these medications seriously speed up muscle building, many people who want to have bigger muscles or an advantage on the playing field have resorted to abusing them.

These initial, concerning effects can happen to anyone who misuses the meds

Males who overdo these prescription drugs put themselves at risk of having overgrown breast muscles, shrunken testicles, and significantly reduced fertility and sperm count. Women, on the other hand, can start growing facial hair and develop male pattern baldness. In both genders, severe acne is a common effect of steroid misuse. Adolescent boys can suffer from interrupted growth and development, leading to a height shorter than their maximum potential.

The even scarier consequences of steroid misuse and dependence

Steroid misusers don’t just have physical problems to worry about. These medications can also result in the development of more severe health conditions, including high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and liver/kidney tumors. Many athletes who abused steroids also suffered from strokes and heart attacks at a very young age – even before turning 30.

Steroid abuse also significantly affects mental health, since it can lead to severe mood swings (often referred to as “roid rage”) and depression.

Prompt rehabilitation can save lives

Because misusing and abusing these meds can significantly lower quality of life and even take it away, you shouldn’t think twice about seeking the help of a drug rehab facility in Sandy, whether it’s you or a loved one or friend who needs guidance and counseling.

Don’t let these drugs take away the joy of living; get help for yourself or someone you care about immediately.