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Strange and Useful Facts About Cowboy Hats

By Admin / Published on Saturday, 30 Jun 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Strange and Useful Facts About Cowboy Hats / 97 views

a cowboyEver wondered how real gentlemen wear and take care of their straw cowboy hats? It’s fairly easy, but you’ll be surprised at how you’ve been doing things the wrong way all this time. Here are the unspoken laws to wearing your favorite cowboy boots:

Keep Your Hands to Your Own Hat

This is a serious rule, as most cowboys are protective of their treasured hats. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t wear another man’s headwear. Some people even say that the fastest way to pick a fight with a cowboy is to knock his hat off his head.

Never Set Your Hat on the Bed

This is not a hard rule per se, but more of a superstition. Some folks in the rodeo world would rather chew off their leg than ever let their hat rest on the bed. It may sound like a total exaggeration, but many people believe that this is a bad omen and that the odds are stacked against the owner of the hat in a big way.

Rest It Properly

Cowboy hats also have their appropriate resting stance. No one should ever find your hat set on a flat surface with the brim-side down. Why? Apart from the questioning look you’ll see on the face of rodeo folks, it is more for saving the natural curve of the hat. Always rest your hat with the crown at the bottom because this part is stiffer than the brim and can hold its shape better.

Wearing cowboy hats allows men to make a statement. Knowing the right way to wear it and care for it is important to enjoy all the benefits. Get an attractive straw cowboy hat today.