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Summer Outdoor Weddings: 3 Tips to Make Them Successful

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018 20:02 PM / Comments Off on Summer Outdoor Weddings: 3 Tips to Make Them Successful / 91 views

Bride and Groom Kissing OutdoorsMany couples these days prefer a destination wedding, and Maine is one of their most attractive options. As noted, there are many locations that offer one of the most gorgeous Maine weddings on the water. These Mid-coast venues have the captivating Penobscot Bay as a backdrop.

When you have these types of places, couples who are planning to get married in Maine would surely prefer outdoor weddings, particularly during the summer. Every season, however, brings their own challenges. To make sure you don’t turn out to be a groom- or bridezilla, take note of these tips:

1. Provide ample heat protection

There are two biggest issues with summer outdoor weddings — heat and humidity. Although Maine is glorious during this season, it doesn’t mean it’s not hot. July, particularly, can post the highest temperature levels for the state.

Therefore, you should keep your guests as comfortable as possible. Consider a ceremony under the shade of the trees or give umbrellas, sunscreens, and water as welcome treats. You can also schedule your wedding during the sunset. Not only do you get to enjoy an amazing view, you could avoid the extreme heat of the sun.

2. Plan your days

It’s not uncommon for couples in Maine to have a weekend-long celebration. That could mean three days of party and activities. While that may sound short, planning can still be difficult. For one, you need to consider where your guests are coming from, what they want to do, and your budget.

Fortunately, in Maine, you may never run out of things to do. If your wedding is near the waters, you can schedule fishing, canoeing, or boating. You may set up a campfire on a farm or have a welcome BBQ party for guests.

3. Give something refreshing

These days, couples make it a point to include stations besides the buffet. During summer, some of your best choices include a beer boat, a cocktail bar, and a station that serves unlimited refreshing drinks. They can help keep the body cool and entertain your guests throughout the reception.

There’s something about summer weddings that make them magical. They’re fun and relaxed. You can make them memorable too by ensuring your guests are comfortable despite the heat.