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Teaching Children About Oral Care

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 28 Jan 2016 08:14 AM / Comments Off on Teaching Children About Oral Care / 289 views

Oral Health in MinnesotaOral care begins at an early age. Setting an example for your kids is the best way to make them understand why they should always be aware of their dental health. It instills in them a sense of responsibility because their parents practiced the same responsibility.

In the same manner, however, children will neglect their teeth and gums and become afraid of visiting a dental office if that is what they saw in their parents or older siblings. Dental fear is particularly hard to combat if you grew up with it. says here are the things you should show and share with your kids so they won’t be negligent of their dental health.

Teach them the value of having good teeth

Confidence and freedom from painful dental problems or worse medical issues like heart disease headline the need to care for your teeth. Teach your children the value of having good teeth. Don’t use fallacies to frighten them into brushing and visiting their dentist. Be truthful about it so there is no risk of being found out, which may make them turn their back on oral care. When you come in for family dental care, have your dentist explain a few things to them as well.

Never show them you’re afraid of the dentist

You may not have had the fortune of having your parents protect you from fear of the dentist, but don’t expose your own kids to the same fear. If you have dental anxiety, never take your children with you on a dental appointment. If they see you being afraid or worse, they may never lose the impression that dentists and dental work are to be feared.

Make it everyone’s job

Your friends and family, and your kids’ teachers can contribute to your efforts. Inform them of your intention and don’t let people frighten your children. Don’t allow people to make jokes about dental pain and the like when your kids are around.