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Teaching Your Child about the Importance of Self-Discipline

By Admin / Published on Monday, 03 Apr 2017 06:06 AM / Comments Off on Teaching Your Child about the Importance of Self-Discipline / 207 views

Child Doing Martial ArtsSelf-discipline is an important skill that parents should teach their kids. Children who learn it early are more likely to have the ability to stick to their decisions when they become adults. Those who possess this kind of ability are also the type who reaches the goals they’ve set for themselves.

As a parent, there are different ways to help your child learn self-discipline. Here are some ideas:

Place structure in their young lives

During the formative years of your child, give them some structure. They need this routine to learn self-discipline. Your household rules are a good start. The rules are meant to help them understand that there are limits. For example, they can learn that eating their vegetables is good, but eating chips and other junk food is not always good. To enforce such rules, there must be some clear consequences. For instance, your child can learn that staying up late is against the rules. If they break that rule, they will not be allowed to watch TV for a certain period.

Put an emphasis on education

One way to help your child develop an interest in education is by encouraging them to do their homework first, then allowing them to play. They will learn that there are rewards for good behavior. Surrounding them with plenty of books to read is also good. Use of the TV, mom’s iPad, and dad’s computer is limited, but reading time is always longer. By making this rule, your child may understand that learning is more valuable than video games or TV.

Some rules are easier to understand and enforce if you let your child’s teacher take some of the load. For example, if they refuse to study, the teacher will likely give them bad marks, which is not good news.

Get them involved in an extra-curricular activity

Your child needs to learn more about figures of authority to understand self-discipline. You, their teachers, or any other coach serves this purpose. Involving your child in extra-curricular activities or sports may also enhance their understanding of self-discipline. Michigan Academy of Taekwondo says that one good option is enrolling your kid in martial arts kids’ classes. In these classes, your little one will not only learn martial arts, but the discipline it takes to master them. This is also a good foundation for teaching your kids how to handle conflict without losing their temper, or even resorting to violence.

Mastering self-discipline is an important life skill that may serve your child well through their adult life. Give them a solid foundation for it, and you’ll be glad you did.