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The Best Possible Alternative to Diamond Engagement Rings

By Admin / Published on Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on The Best Possible Alternative to Diamond Engagement Rings / 292 views

Engagement RingFor people shopping around for an engagement ring, diamonds remain their primary choice. While its history isn’t as amazing and purely about romance, many believe that a ring with this stone is still the best way to go when proposing to their loved one.

Yes, diamonds are breathtakingly beautiful and no other stone can beat its hardness rating. These features, however, come at a huge price. While you may want to present your better half with a token of love the society has deemed “traditional,” know that you have more affordable alternatives.

A stone with features nearly like diamond

Many gemstones simulate diamond, but none of them can come close. Even cubic zirconia, a popular substitute, has gone down in sales because it dulls and scratches easily and quickly.

This is one of the major reasons behind the growth of people who opt to buy a moissanite engagement ring instead. Moissanite boasts the same features as a diamond, like hardness, fineness, and brilliance. To make it even more attractive, it costs so much less.

Long-lasting beauty

Moissanite’s hardness rating on the Mohs scale ranges from 9.20 to 9.25, as opposed to diamonds that’s placed at 10.0. It’s still harder than sapphire or ruby, with both having only a hardness rating of 9.0. This hardness makes it longer lasting than any other stone except for diamonds. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about it ending up all dull, scratched, or even cracked when you hit the silver mark of your marriage.

The difference to the naked eye

It’s difficult to differentiate moissanite and diamond using only your eyes. Although you cannot compare the former’s color with that of a diamond, rest assured that its exceptional brilliance, sparkle, and clarity can make up for what it lacks.

In today’s generation, it’s better for you to remain practical than spend a two to three months’ worth of salary on an extremely expensive engagement ring. Consider moissanite as one, if not your best option, seeing that it possesses all the right qualities and characteristics that your other half will surely love.