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The Challenge of Eating and Drinking with Aligners

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015 01:35 AM / Comments Off on The Challenge of Eating and Drinking with Aligners / 264 views

DentistFull enjoyment of food and drinks — the delightful challenge every Invisalign user faces.

One of the biggest challenges Invisalign wearers deal with every day involves getting around eating and drinking. Because of its delicate nature, users often consider the how’s and what’s of eating and drinking, as well as the basics of cleaning.

Enjoying Food with Invisalign

Invisalign takes pride in its minimal impact system, which alters less of your everyday life. Still, most cosmetic dentistry experts in St. Johns Wood recommend removing your aligners before the meal. The chewing action inside your mouth can break, distort or crack your aligner. Even the smallest damage is enough to prevent your teeth from aligning properly.

When you eat with Invisalign in your mouth, it can be messy. It is also harder to clean due to the accumulated food residue.

Bottoms Up! And Your Aligners

Drinking is possible with Invisalign aligners still in place. Still there are a few guidelines you should follow in maintaining and drinking. For example, certain liquids such as dark coffee, tea and red wine easily stain Invisalign trays. If you wish to keep your aligners clean, avoid these beverages and choose clearer options.

Continuous exposure to hot liquids can also cause Invisalign aligners to distort. The distortion changes the tray’s shape, which affects the straightening of your teeth. Cooler drinks can also affect you teeth by changing their colour. While most teeth discolouration is temporary, stubborn stains may still occur.

Acidic drinks and fluids can settle within your Invisalign tray, bathing your teeth. Exposure to acidic fluids easily wears away your tooth enamel, which results in teeth sensitivity. Saliva easily neutralises the acidic content but if you are wearing Invisalign, the aligners prevent your saliva from doing its job.

The Need-to-Knows of Invisalign Care

The key to cleaning your aligners is simple — the powerful combination of toothpaste and toothbrush. Remember to always brush and floss after each meal to keep your mouth and your aligners clean. Some products can discolour your trays but as you replace them every two weeks, this is minor only.

Eating and drinking with Invisalign aligners need not be a challenge. As long as you know the basic dos and don’ts, you and your teeth will reap the benefits of straighter and whiter teeth.