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The Reason Behind Celebrating Only the Birthday ‘Milestones’

By Admin / Published on Friday, 10 Aug 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on The Reason Behind Celebrating Only the Birthday ‘Milestones’ / 113 views

young lady is celebrating her birthday with her family and friendsParents love splurging in kids’ birthday parties every year. But what if this doesn’t have to be the case? Not just because it’s financially draining but actually misleading for the kids?

The Case of Birthday Party ‘Aging’

Psychologists say that most children associate aging with birthday parties. The problem with this is they fear that they won’t age when they don’t have a party to celebrate it. In other words, they start counting years based on the birthday parties they have.

It’s important to celebrate birthdays, yes. But it’s more important to have kids understand that a party doesn’t equate age. As the parent, you have to communicate that to kids. More importantly, you have to know when to splurge on parties and when to have just small family get-togethers.

Birthday ‘Milestones’

While each birthday is special, marking the addition of another year on your child’s life, it’s best to throw the elaborate parties on birthday milestones, or those with special significance. For instance, the kid’s first birthday is an important one since it marks their first year of life. Your little one may not remember it, but you would want him or her to look back on it later. So, snap lots and lots of pictures for this celebration.

Another milestone is the fifth birthday since this is the age where your kid starts schooling. You can throw a kids’ bowling party in an Illinois events space, or have them play arcade games, which kids this age will surely enjoy.
The next birthday milestone is when they’re 13, the time when they’re rightfully teen already. Since they’re at this phase when they want to have more control, it’s best not to micromanage their party for this one. Let them organize it and just offer help.

As parents, you have the responsibility to make kids understand that they don’t turn another year just because they had a birthday party. Know when to splurge and when to go small when it comes to celebrations. That way, you’ll be able to instill them better what the real essence of growing up means.