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The Right Timing: Arranging Wedding Day Transportation Schedule

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 10 Sep 2015 05:01 AM / Comments Off on The Right Timing: Arranging Wedding Day Transportation Schedule / 264 views

wedding carsThe biggest logistical headache most couples encounter in wedding planning is transportation. With out-of-town guests, limited time, and budget to consider, arranging transportation can really go out of hand if there’s not enough preparation.

The key to solving the transportation dilemma is proper scheduling. With the right timetable in your plans, you’ll be able to impress your guests and maximize limited time, all within your budget. You’ll avoid guests arriving too early or too late, and can bring them to where they should be at the right time.

Timing is Everything

Find the right time estimate by estimating the distance in between locations. How long will it take for the guests to arrive at the wedding venue if they’ll be coming from the hotel? Or from the wedding venue to the reception location? Think of possible routes for the wedding limo to take. Are there guests that will be picked up from the salon, from the boutique, or from their house?

Use Google Maps to estimate travel time. Or, test drive routes at the same time and day of the week of your wedding. It is crucial to do this so you know the condition of traffic at that particular time. Take note of any upcoming festivals or events near your wedding location as well, as this may change traffic conditions.

Another thing you should consider is the number of people that will be getting on and off. Although seemingly minute little details, these things actually take time. You may have family members that need more assistance in going into the limo, say, older loved ones.

Communication is Crucial

Coordinate with guests effectively about your transportation plan. Depending on the start of the ceremony, let them know the arrival and departure time of the limo, but adjust the latter a little.

For example, the limo will arrive at 9:00am; tell your guests that it will leave at exactly 9:15am. But in reality, it will leave at 9:30am. This way, you’ll have guests preparing themselves early, with enough leeway to accommodate those who will come late.

An effective wedding transportation schedule can save you from dealing with logistical headaches, unhappy guests (and angry aunts), and expenses going overboard. Plan your schedule with these in mind.