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The Secret Behind the Success of Jack Daniel’s

By Admin / Published on Saturday, 02 Jul 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on The Secret Behind the Success of Jack Daniel’s / 277 views

A Glass of Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s is not just a household name in the whisky industry, it has also been a famous name in the pop culture since the 1950s. So, it is no wonder that Jack Daniel’s is one of the world’s best-selling whisky brands.

But, have you ever wondered why the brand sell? What exactly did the people behind it do to establish a worldwide whisky brand?

  1. The Legend

Signet, a London-based brand embellishment company, says that products with unique identities are the ones that sell. Since the beginning, Jack Daniel’s has focused on its distinct identity – the quirky founder of the company, Jack Daniel. The advertisements and marketing efforts have revolved around the story of how Daniel independently established his own distillery at a young age. So until now, the man is still considered a legend in the whisky business.

  1. The Independent Spirit

Apart from using Jack Daniel’s story of independence, the marketers further created a brand full of liberty by getting rock stars as brand ambassadors. As a result, they successfully associated the word “independence” with the brand. So now, most consumers feel they are indulging their independent spirit whenever they drink a glass of Jack Daniel’s.

  1. The Scarcity Trick

During the 1960s, Jack Daniel’s was not widely available. But, the company kept advertising the brand even if the consumers can’t purchase the whisky near them. So, the demand became higher than the supply. It was a strategy to make consumers crave for something they can’t have. So today, whenever people hear Jack Daniel’s, they think of the unique allure of whisky.

More than retelling the brand history, these three marketing strategies show how branding is essential in selling a product. So if you want a product that sells, invest time and resources in establishing a unique brand. Who knows, your product could be the next Jack Daniel’s of your industry.