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The Three Major Effects of Denture Instability

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 17 Sep 2015 03:47 AM / Comments Off on The Three Major Effects of Denture Instability / 258 views

Dental CarePeople who wear or have worn dentures in the past will agree that masticatory muscle functions such as talking and chewing are never the same as when the teeth were natural and complete. What happens to the biting power when a person wears removable dentures?

Several studies show that wearing loose-fitting removable dentures impair the capacity to move the lower jaws (mandibular bone) and limits its bite and muscle force. Three things happen when a person loses the bite force: slurred speech, inefficient chewing and bone loss.

Slurred Speech

When people use ill-fitting dentures, they tend to involuntarily slur speech and speak in a lower voice, a condition called dysarthria. Dysarthria is the result of not having enough muscle force from the speech apparatuses (jaws, tongue, larynx, etc). If this condition is due to dental appliances used in the lower arch, reversal is still possible unlike if it were caused by debilitating illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, where one loses the ability to speak altogether.

Impaired Chewing

Denture instability affects not only the ability to speak articulately, but also gets in the way of a proper diet, according to Denchic Dental Spa, a dental clinic offering overdentures and denture stabilisation treatment. Food not chewed properly before it enters the stomach may cause a person to suffer from gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive problems. Logically, swallowing big bites disrupts nutrient absorption and overworks the digestive system.

Bone Atrophy

The teeth, gums and jaw bones maintain their structure and strength when a person chews and speaks. When one reduces these basic mandibular movements, bones suffer from atrophy or degeneration. Bone loss is prevalent among users of loose dentures and appears more pronounced when the gums start to recede and the facial features become distorted.

These seemingly negligible perils of wearing loose denture will contribute to larger oral and overall health problems in the future. It is important to address these with the help of dental professionals early on.