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The Wonders of Lavender Oil

By Admin / Published on Saturday, 01 Jul 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on The Wonders of Lavender Oil / 227 views

LavenderInstead of counting sheep, your mother will tell you to light a lavender aroma candle or spray some lavender oil on your pillow to beat those sleepless nights. But what is in lavender oil that makes your mum go loco over it all the time?

Know more about lavender oil, and maybe, you will finally be able to use that organic lavender oil from The Hop Shop your mum gave you a few Christmases back to help the quality of your sleep.

What is lavender oil?

Lavender is not just a Pantone colour; it is a plant that grows in sunny and open areas. Though it is ideally grown in a nursery, you can plant lavender in pots or let them grow in your garden along with other plants.

The oil that your mum loves a lot? It comes from a lavender plant. Lavender oil is known for its relaxing and soothing capabilities making it an excellent sleeping aid. It is also known for its moisturising, insect repelling, antifungal and antibacterial properties among others. But how does it make you sleep?

How does it make you sleep?

Unfortunately, lavender oil does not function as a sleeping pill and won’t be able to make you fall asleep instantly. Instead, it can help you feel relaxed, which in turn can make it easier for you to fall asleep. How?

The smell of lavender oil signals your brain and nervous system to calm down. This scent serves as a sedative which makes your body relax and prevent stress. Once your body is a naturally relaxed mode, sleep can quickly kick in. This also applies with other relaxing oils and essences like chamomile.

Go on, unearth that lavender oil and give it a try. It might be the long lost solution to your sleepless nights.