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The Terrifying Link Between the Risk of Breast Cancer and Gum Disease

By Admin / Published on Monday, 05 Dec 2016 20:09 PM / Comments Off on The Terrifying Link Between the Risk of Breast Cancer and Gum Disease / 369 views

Breast Cancer Patient in AvonA new study reveals that women who suffer from the periodontal disease have a high chance of developing breast cancer. The risk is even greater for people who are smoking or just quit smoking. This can serve as a warning sign for those who don’t take proper care of their teeth and gums to see their orthodontist more frequently.

The Terrifying Discovery

According to Jo Freudenheim, the professor and interim chair of the epidemiology and environmental health department at the University at Buffalo, they saw several links between periodontal disease and chronic diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. Their hypothesis then revealed that it can be linked to breast cancer.

She further states that periodontal bacteria might have an impact on the different parts of the body like the breast tissue, especially because of the bacteria found in the mother’s milk. They discovered that women with the periodontal disease would more likely get breast cancer.

Based on the study published by the American Association for Cancer Research, women with periodontal disease who smoked or just quit smoking within 20 years had 36 percent more chance of developing breast cancer.

The Possible Causes of the Linkage reports that there may be likely causes for the linkage, such the impact of the inflammation in one area of the body to other chronic diseases. They also think that the bacteria coming from the oral cavity will get into the bloodstream after chewing, flossing and tooth brushing. Even though the said bacteria can clear quickly, their exposure to the tissues can cause an impact and it might be the reason why microbes affect breast cancer.

People who are at risk need to be more cautious, especially with the status of their gums. A visit to the local dentist regularly can save more than just their gums, but their overall health, too.