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Three Crooked Teeth Problems Adults Can Relate To

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 05 Oct 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Three Crooked Teeth Problems Adults Can Relate To / 300 views

Adult RetainersAs adults sit in their orthodontist’s chair, they get a sudden flashback of their childhood. They wish they could go back in time and listen to three important words, ‘wear your retainers’.

If you grew up with crooked teeth, you are probably familiar with basic #CrookedTeethStruggles. As if family photos were not humiliating enough, your childhood sweetheart had to point out you had lunch stuck between the wires of your braces.

Life would not have been as bad (or embarrassing) if we had invisible braces 30 years ago. The new generation is much luckier, with Invisalign treatment at their fingertips. MiSmile puts it perfectly: Invisalign is clear, comfortable and the perfect way to create your dream smile without disrupting your life.

But for those who are not as lucky, here are common crooked teeth problems we can all relate to:

The Unprompted: ‘They are really not that bad.’

Internal screaming: Okay, but did I ask?! Depending on the severity, crooked teeth have an in-your-face kind of unpleasantness that is difficult to hide. So, even without an intention to flaunt them, they will find a way to seek attention and embarrass you.

‘I never forgave myself for not wearing my retainers.’

PSA to the youth: Wear your retainers! If you are not too eager about the prospect of living in regret, listen to your dentist! Yes, retainers may be uncomfortable and admittedly not pretty, but better a few years of discomfort than a lifetime of remorse.

Trying to find a way to smile with your mouth closed

There are only so many ways you can smile with your mouth closed – you have probably hit your limit. The obvious perk of getting invisible braces is they fix your teeth with comfort and a bit of discretion. You can chat, smile and live your life with relatively minimal interruptions (and disgrace).

The good news: it is never too late to fix crooked teeth. Thanks to modern innovations in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry, adults everywhere are increasingly more enthusiastic about seeking treatment. It gives you something to smile about – with teeth this time.