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Three Tips When Picking Out the Perfect Bridal Jewelry

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017 15:27 PM / Comments Off on Three Tips When Picking Out the Perfect Bridal Jewelry / 171 views

A pair of wedding ringsAs the time for your big day approaches, consider everything that could make you stand out on that great day. You don’t have to stick to any hard and fast “rules” about how to style your wedding. You should stand out as an individual, even if it means being a little unconventional. One of the ways to look your best on the wedding day is to use jewelry that complements your frame, complexion, and bridal gown. Here are three other tips you can keep in mind to help your jewelry help you stand out.

Don’t go overboard on the jewelry

When selecting bridal jewelry, don’t overdo it. It’s tempting to add on as much jewelry as you can, but if you fail to make a wise selection, you can end up with over-the-top bling and baubles that overshadow other equally important aspects of your look. In short, you should not allow jewelry to take center stage on your wedding day. Take the “less is more” policy to heart with a couple of key pieces to complement you. Visit Kravit Jewelers, one of the most reliable New York Jewelry stores and make a selection.

Match jewelry to your gown

If you are having difficulty choosing between silver and gold jewelry, then you should let the color of your gown help you decide. For instance, a white gown blends well with platinum or silver jewelry. Ivory color matches well with gold jewelry to augment the creamy shade. For a champagne-colored dress, gold jewelry can augment the warm tones in the dress. Alternatively, if your dress has an antique-inspired design, you should choose burnished silver jewelry paired with rhinestones.

Consider the neckline of your gown

The gown is the focal point of your appearance, and the neckline plays a big role in determining the appearance of your face. For a sweetheart or strapless neckline, you should wear a choker or shorter necklace, which creates height and accentuates your smile. Another option is to forgo the necklace and choose chandelier earrings.

For a V-shaped neckline, you can choose a pendant, choker, or a combination of both. Choose earrings to pair with the necklace. You can choose between dangling and small earrings whichever suits your lifestyle.

Overall, jewelry is an important bridal accessory. Follow these tips to help you stand out.