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Tips to Sharpen Your Hair Thinning Scissors

By Admin / Published on Friday, 31 Aug 2018 07:06 AM / Comments Off on Tips to Sharpen Your Hair Thinning Scissors / 79 views

hair cutting using thinning scissors in a beauty salonWhen hairdressing scissors have dull blades, it can cut jagged lines into the hair and make your services look unprofessional. Of course, everyone wants to buy hair thinning scissors that can cut perfect hairlines. While some hairdressing shears manufacturer allows clients to return them for sharpening, a hairdresser can still learn to sharpen their scissors at home to save costs and time.

Below are a few incredible tips to help you sharpen a hair thinning shear.

Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Cutting Shears

Rubbing hair thinning shears with alcohol doesn’t sharpen them, but helps maintain their sharpness. Alcohol usually cleans up all the buildup that causes the hair thinning scissors to become dull. It is wise to rub hair thinning shears with oil regularly, probably before and after you use them.

Use Professional Sharpeners

A professional hair cutting sharpener can be a worthy investment for a hairdresser. These sharpening tools are easy to carry around, and a hairdresser doesn’t need to apply oil for it to work well. Moreover, professional sharpening tools come with multiple accessories to allow hairdressers to sharpen their shears when they want to give a quick cut.

Use Aluminium Foil

The use of aluminium foil is the cheapest and most convenient way to sharpen hairdressing shears. Fold the foil over the hairdressing scissors a few times until it gets stuck to it. After that, run the thinning scissors over the aluminium foil until it cuts through it.

Use Whetstone

Investing in a whetstone is an excellent way to keep your hair thinning shears sharp. Whetstones can last longer, so they are a worthy investment for stylists. However, a hairdresser has to soak the whetstone in oil a few hours before using it to sharpen the shears. Oiling makes shears work more efficiently and ensures stones don’t stick to it.

A pair of hair thinning scissors can be a worthy investment for people who like to cut and style their hair at home. Nonetheless, hair thinning shears need a little sharpening and oiling to ensure they work well. As such, hairdressers need to learn to sharpen and oil them to maintain their efficiency.