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Top Ways to Propose She Can’t Say No To

By Admin / Published on Friday, 20 Apr 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Top Ways to Propose She Can’t Say No To / 146 views

a man making a marriage proposalFor most women, the proposal is just as important as the wedding itself — which is why guys are encouraged to be creative when popping the question.

Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind.

Get a Little Creative with the Ring

You don’t have to buy the biggest rock available, but you do have the chance to make her ring so much more personal. Some diamond rings in Utah can be personalized in that it can have inscriptions or designed specifically the way you think she will like.

Jewelers such as AAA Jewelers can help you with customization.

Destination Proposal

Of course, let’s not forget the ultra-romantic destination proposal with the beach as your background, or basically any other amazing view. If you’re the kind of couple who loves to travel, there’s nothing more memorable than popping a question in a place you both love — like the top of a mountain or the edge of the boat.

Puppy Proposals

These are getting quite popular and for obvious reasons: puppies are amazing! Of course, you’re not limited to dogs. You have cats, ducks, foxes, and basically any domestic animal you can have to carry the ring as you pop the question.

Easter Egg Hunt

You can also do a Scavenger Hunt for your loved one, timing it specifically for Easter so that it’s totally legitimate. Hey, if you’re too late (or too early) for Easter, you can choose any other occasion — like Halloween, the 4th of July, the New Year, or even just a day you both consider special.

Propose with Something she Fangirls Over

Does she love LOTR? Make use of an LOTR theme proposal. What about Harry Potter? Use that, too. If she likes Sherlock — you might want to ask Benedict Cumberbatch to film himself asking her to marry you. You’re asking her to marry you: you should have a fairly good idea what she likes.

Of course, there’s really no right or wrong way to propose. As long as you’re sincere with your proposal and with a little bit of romance thrown in, you’ll find that your SO will definitely give you the answer you want.