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Trendy Engagement Ring Designs for Men

By Admin / Published on Saturday, 09 Jun 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Trendy Engagement Ring Designs for Men / 131 views

Diamond Wedding RingIn times past, engagement rings were placed on a prospective bride’s left ring finger as a symbol of an impending marriage. Times have changed, and now men’s engagement rings are increasingly popular in same-sex and heterosexual relationships. The rings are popularly called ‘mangagement rings.’

Unlike conventional rings, men engagement rings St Louis jewelry shops do not feature large center stones. This does not, however, mean the rings are drab and boring. Here are some of the trendy designs available for your man’s engagement ring.

Classic Rings

These traditional style rings feature a band lined with gemstones. There are various gems to choose from including sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. Classic engagement rings are the best option for men who favor non-frivolous styles. These rings have a timeless appeal that genuinely romantic men will appreciate.

Fashion Rings

An Irish Claddagh ring might be the best option if your man is into fashion. This ring features two hands on either side holding a heart which is topped with a crown that symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and love. For engagement the heart of this ring faces away from your man’s body but once married, the heart faces his body. Fashion rings with large gemstones are also good options for the fashion conscious man.

Two-Tone Rings

These rings typically feature a silver and gold finish. Rose-gold and titanium are also popular options for two-tone rings. For sleek and stylish men, these rings are the best choice. You can get a unique twist to your ring by adding customized wording around the ring’s inner band.

There is no need of waiting for a marriage proposal in this day and age. If you like him, go ahead and propose. With the above trendy designs for men’s engagement rings, you are sure to get one that will suit your man’s style and everyday life and motivate him to say yes to your marriage proposal.