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Types of Teeth Bleaching Techniques Cosmetic Dentists Can Offer

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 07 Jan 2016 10:29 AM / Comments Off on Types of Teeth Bleaching Techniques Cosmetic Dentists Can Offer / 268 views

Teeth BleachingCosmetic dentists in the Southampton area  offer a lot of dental procedures to make teeth look nicer. They offer services that differ from orthodontic treatments. Some of these cosmetic dental procedures include bleaching, repairing chips, smoothing rough spots with fillings, filling of cavities, closing gaps, and replacing missing teeth with porcelain crowns. Among these treatments, bleaching is the most popular. 


What is bleaching for? To make yellow teeth history. Losing the white colour of one’s teeth is normal for the aging process, but it does not mean it should be allowed to just happen if one wants to have the perfect smile. Teeth start to change colour from the teenage years and with constant stain from food, drink and even tobacco, teeth yellow as years go by. According to, those interested to get their white teeth back can choose from three whitening techniques: pure laser, kick start laser, and home kit.

Pure Laser Technique

Cosmetic dentists often offer the pure laser technique to provide the quickest way to whiten teeth. It works through laser beams that can activate the whitening agent crafted from carbide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide passed on the client’s tooth enamel. This only takes one and a half hours to complete. This can be the most expensive treatment.

Kick Start Laser

Those who are not keen to go through pure laser, can opt for the kick start laser. Cosmetic dentists take a mould of the client’s teeth and a mouth guard will be made from this. The patient then would have to wear the mouth guard filled with whitening gel made from carbide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as well. Similar to pure laser techniques, laser beams will be used to activate the gel. This takes two appointments to complete and cost a little less expensive than the pure laser treatments.

Home Kit

Patients who cannot entertain the thought of going through laser beams, can choose the home kit version. Patients wear the mouthguard filled with whitening gel every night for up to three weeks. Doing so can change the composition of the dentine and after such time, can make teeth appear whiter.

Stained, broken, or uneven teeth can be quite stressful. Cosmetic dentists Southampton area has, however can make these teeth problems go away for good.  While having health and plaque-free teeth is very important, having teeth that look good is a plus.