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Understanding Bikini Wax Salon Lingo

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017 16:34 PM / Comments Off on Understanding Bikini Wax Salon Lingo / 188 views

Woman waxingIf you’re a newcomer to the bikini wax salon, you may feel nervous and a little embarrassed to talk about your front fluff. Don’t worry, because most first-timers do. The different styles and shapes can also be confusing if you’re not accustomed to common salon lingo. Experts from explain some of the most popular terms to help you out when you make that trip.

Au Natural

Before we talk about all the waxy stuff, let’s just make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with having your thing 100% au natural. Don’t feel pressured to play around with your fluff if you don’t fancy it. However, if you do, you’re sure to have fun choosing from the variety of styles available.

Brazilian Desert Island

You may have already heard of the term “Brazilian Wax.” This is the removal of all hair from the region. But for those who don’t want to go completely bare, try going for the desert island. The style leaves a mini triangular shape on top of the pubic bone that is perfect for when you’re wearing thongs or bikinis.

Bikini Touch-Up

If you don’t want anything crazy for your first time, the touch-up is a good start. During the process, hair is removed above the line of the panties and around the tops of the thighs. This reveals a more natural look that also works well with swimsuits.

French Strip

Also called the landing strip, this shape shows a long, vertical belt of hair just above the vulva. French waxing differs from Brazilian in terms of the amount of hair that gets removed. The middle and back part of the pubic hair zone usually are left alone. This is popular among models who have to wear narrow undergarments.

Not knowing the right terms shouldn’t hinder you from trying out a wax. After all, there’s always the staff who will be ready to assist you with the whole experience.