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Want a Barn Wedding? You Need to Know These First

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 23 Aug 2018 19:42 PM / Comments Off on Want a Barn Wedding? You Need to Know These First / 84 views

Newly weds holding handsWedding trends show that more and more couples are now choosing to get married in barns. Back in 2009, only 2% of weddings were celebrated in barns. By 2017, the figure has increased to 15%. In contrast, hotel receptions dropped from 18% to 12% during the same period. This trend of holding barn weddings in Minnesota or any other state emphasizes the interest of couples on that rustic chic vibe.

The Essentials

A beautiful barn wedding, however, doesn’t just happen. There are many factors to consider. Unless the wedding reception signs up with a wedding barn facility, an actual barn converted for the wedding might not have the amenities and creature comforts required for the celebration.

For instance, the typical wiring for barns wasn’t designed for the lighting fixtures, fans, heaters, sound system, etc. needed for a wedding celebration. Other amenities like toilets, water, and catering tents would also be required.

In addition, some barns might not have a concrete floor. Flooring is usually wood, or pebble and dirt. It would be necessary to advice guests not to wear high heels, or even dress shoes.

The Environment

In most instances, allergies might also crop up because of the nature of barns. Animals sleep in barns, and hay and animal feed is also stored in these buildings. These, in turn, can trigger allergic reactions.

Expect that bugs are also present in large quantities. The wedding venue should be strayed for bugs a day before. Rains can also ruin a barn wedding. The parking would be a problem, with muddy trails around the barn. Plans for these eventualities. There should be ready umbrellas and a footpath.

Barn weddings are a growing trend. These are not cheap, but guests are more than willing to attend a wedding reception here for its laid back atmosphere.