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Wedding Blooms Selection: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 19 Jul 2018 18:53 PM / Comments Off on Wedding Blooms Selection: 3 Mistakes to Avoid / 109 views

Wedding BouquetWith plenty of options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing wedding flowers. While finding inspiration online or from any other source is beneficial in the process, there are still a number of things you should avoid, especially in the way you approach thinking about the blooms for your special day.

Event florists in Denver and other parts of Colorado share the top mistakes to avoid when choosing wedding blooms:

1. Attempting to Re-Create What You Saw Online

While there’s nothing wrong with looking at photo inspirations on the Internet, you shouldn’t be so obsessed with replicating the exact image. This is because some pictures can be misleading, with hues and shades that don’t actually exist, as they may have been heavily edited or filtered. It’s still best to trust a pro or check a photo inspiration with your florist.

2. Being Fixed on Specific Details

It pays to know what you want and don’t want, but this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to shut off other floral choices and ideas. If you’re too focused on certain details like finding the perfect color palette or flower type, you may only be disappointed. Sometimes, what you’re looking for may not always be available, so it’s recommended to trust your florist and be open and flexible to other ideas.

3. Ignoring the Scent of the Flowers

Certain blooms give off a pleasant scent, but some types can be a little stronger. While heavily perfumed flowers are ideal in theory, they can create problems, especially in tight and small spaces. There are also cases where overwhelming scents and aromas can coincide with the meals being served. A wedding florist can help you decide whether or not using scented flowers is right for your event.

Your floral choices should also match the style of your wedding, as well as reflect your personal preferences. It’s still best, however, to remain open and flexible to the recommendations of your florist, instead of sticking to a list of specific floral details or a photo inspiration you saw on Pinterest.