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What Does an Ibogaine Therapy Do?

By Admin / Published on Saturday, 19 Nov 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on What Does an Ibogaine Therapy Do? / 197 views

Ibogaine TherapyIn the war against drugs and addiction, ibogaine has been found useful in helping people suffering from substance use disorders. It is important to note that ibogaine does not cure anything. Rather, it helps the body to heal itself naturally by reducing the cravings for other substances, particularly opiate. Ibogaine therapy has become increasingly popular in countries wherein the natural substance is deemed legal.

Here are some facts you need to know: 

What exactly is it?

It is a “psychoactive alkaloid” derived naturally in a West African shrub called iboga. In the past, the natural substance is used in West African initiations and healing ceremonies among followers of the Bwiti religion.

What are the benefits of ibogaine therapy?

Today, ibogaine is used in helping people detoxify from opiates. It has also been shown to help people reduce their cravings for alcohol, opiates, and other stimulants. In other studies, ibogaine has been linked to a significant decrease in cocaine cravings after an extended therapy period.

Apart from helping solve substance abuse cases, an Ibogaine treatment center also offers the comprehensive service to people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

How does ibogaine work?

Studies have shown that ibogaine’s psychological effect helps people see hard situations in a different light — a much more objective way, to be exact. For those suffering from long-standing emotional conflicts, ibogaine help people navigate towards closure. Other studies show that it can also be beneficial to Parkinson’s disease patients.

How to get it?

 An Ibogaine treatment center has a screening protocol to ensure the safety of the patients. The therapy is conducted by experienced professionals in a comfort setting. A center also offers care following the treatment to ensure that those patients are getting the maximum benefits of the ibogaine treatment.