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What to Consider When Looking for a Wedding Reception Venue

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 29 Aug 2018 04:21 AM / Comments Off on What to Consider When Looking for a Wedding Reception Venue / 105 views

wedding reception outdoor venueAre you looking for the best wedding reception venues in Kansas City? It is important to prepare well first.

Planning for a wedding reception can be stressful. After research, there are many people to talk to and venues to visit and compare. Picking the right one can get easier if you only look into four key things.


A rule to follow when considering cost is making sure that the cost of the venue and food should not reach half of your total budget. The reason is that there are so many additional costs that will emerge as the day event approaches—talk about transportation or waiting services. If you do not have enough funds, make sure that those extra services are the most important ones.

Purpose and Needs

Knowing your purpose and needs should match with the flexibility and functionality of the place. Count your guests, analyze your budget, and visualize the party. Do you have enough money for 50 guests? 100 guests? Whether serving dinner for 50 or 100, your purpose and needs should match with what you have in your pocket.

Convenience and Services

Being picky about the services is fundamental. How the party venue is designed or how air conditioning works is a typical thing to check. There are questions, however, that we usually forget to ask: Does the place have a liquor license? Is a sound system in place? What about parking space?


Getting at the party venue should be as fun as being at the party. Venues that offer transportation options are great venues. Not all guests want to drive. Some would want to be picked up. Some planners would also want to ensure that all guests are safe and accounted for, so a shuttle service may come in handy.

Planning for wedding receptions can be hectic. To alleviate some stress, be smart with the things to consider early on, from cost, needs, services, to transportation.