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White Fillings: A More Natural Look to Your Teeth

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015 08:58 AM / Comments Off on White Fillings: A More Natural Look to Your Teeth / 262 views

teethSilver or dental amalgams are the most common type of fillings that many dentists use to repair cavities. Resilient as it may be, the catch is that the material does not exactly look natural. In fact, it is a clear indicator for many people that you were not exactly taking good care of your teeth once they see the glint inside your mouth.

White fillings are a more ‘natural’ looking alternative to dental amalgam, and are the better choice if you want your teeth to look the way it was before it was damaged.

Stronger than the Original

White fillings were not exactly popular decades ago simply because they were not as strong and long lasting as silver or amalgam. Nowadays, it is made with new materials that make it as strong as its metallic counterpart. Warrendale Dental Care also explains that “the new filling is made from a very hard substance and will withstand the forces in your mouth when you bite and chew over a long period of time.”

Apart from its better resistance, the most obvious benefit of utilising white fillings is that they look natural. Originally, the fillings used to stand out since its shade of white was a different kind of pallor compared to natural and original teeth. Nowadays, fillings can also be ‘customised’ so that it has the same shade of white as your natural teeth.

Crack-free Fillings

One of the main benefits of white fillings is that they are not as susceptible to cracking. Despite being physically stronger, silver and amalgam tend to expand and contract when you expose it to extreme heat and cold, respectively. The abrupt change in temperature causes the fillings to crack, and when it happens all the time, it may cause severe damage to your teeth.

White fillings, on the other hand, are more resistant to sudden temperature swings. Since they are made of plastic and resin, they are also a more flexible material to work with and make it the better choice for smaller teeth.

If your silver fillings need replacing, consider getting white fillings. Not only do they look natural, they are surprisingly resistant and strong against the forces inside your mouth.