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Why Are Wedding Dresses White?

By Admin / Published on Friday, 23 Jun 2017 10:45 AM / Comments Off on Why Are Wedding Dresses White? / 224 views

A bride showing of her wedding dress Wedding dresses come in all designs. But there’s one thing that’s common about them: they almost always seem to be white. Every wedding dress in Michigan and elsewhere doesn’t seem like they come in different colors. Surely, some might come as a different shade for more adventurous brides, but white stays as if by tradition.

The Dress Shop gathers some facts to come up with an explanation.

A Brief History

A wedding dress is an extremely ceremonial garment. Its purpose and design depend greatly on culture and tradition. This means not every wedding dress in the world is the same, and so are the colors it presents. White dresses didn’t become as popular until 1840, however. It’s due to the marriage of England’s Queen Victoria that same year. Apparently, the Queen wanted to show off a lace she loved and chose a light-colored dress to make the garment stand out.

Everyone else in Victorian England (and the whole world) took notice of the Queen’s choice. Monarchs have always been considered as style icons due to their status. Previously, red is the color of choice for wedding dresses. All it took was a single personal decision from the English Queen to change the course of wedding garment history, at least for women.

Further Appeal

Interest in the Queen’s personal style died down a bit in the years after her wedding. But nine years later, the media is among the ones celebrating the fashion choice. An issue of the magazine Godey’s Lady’s Book celebrated the dress and even suggested that women should wear white.
Perhaps that’s what the trend needs. According to the magazine, a white dress symbolizes purity and innocence. It must make it appear that the bride is transitioning from girlhood to womanhood before everyone’s eyes. To many people, it’s not difficult to familiarize themselves with such thought. And as they say, the rest is history. White, cream and even ivory dresses still allude to this ‘tradition’ to this day.