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Why Dragon Voice Recognition Software is Vital to Medical Professionals

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016 06:12 AM / Comments Off on Why Dragon Voice Recognition Software is Vital to Medical Professionals / 103 views

Voice RecognitionDragon Medical Practice Edition offers doctors, nurses, and other healthcare service providers a smart and fast way to document the care they provide to their patients. It comes as no surprise that it is considered as one of the most successful products of its kind, and used by over 180,000 healthcare professionals the world over.

How the Software Works

Medical findings can be directly dictated by a Windows-based EHR application at least thrice as fast as a regular computer user can type – at an amazing accuracy rate. You can use the available voice commands to quickly navigate your EHR system to create new medical records, email messages, and medical correspondences, dictate a prescription, or review patients’ test results.

The Dragon voice recognition software helps enhance the quality of service you provide, making it more proficient and profitable at the same time. Electronic Health Records (EHR) consulting services, on the other hand, may also help improve patient care

What Make the Software Worth Buying

The VR software makes it possible for medical professionals to document care in a more efficient manner by considerably reducing the required amount of typing and mouse clicks, in the process making EHR systems easier to use. Dragon Medical Practice Edition can integrate with practically all major EHR applications.

The software is intended for smaller practices that have no more than 25 doctors. It promotes better clinical hand-off between physicians with less risk for errors and misunderstanding. By spending less time for documentation, doctors can have more time to spend for patient care.

The Dragon VR software also supports HIPAA compliance and comes with a vocabulary that covers as many as 90 specialties and sub-specialties in the medical field. iPhones and android devices can be used as input sources for dictation, but only via Wi-Fi.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is specifically designed to provide busy clinicians with a real-time solution that will deal with their unique needs. It promotes more efficient care, significantly reducing documentation costs in the process. It makes the task of dictation faster and more accurate.