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You’ll Never Underestimate Jewelry Appraisal Again After Knowing These

By Admin / Published on Monday, 05 Sep 2016 07:27 AM / Comments Off on You’ll Never Underestimate Jewelry Appraisal Again After Knowing These / 311 views

Jewelry appraiserAppraisals don’t simply estimate the monetary value of jewelry. It has other purposes more than you can imagine. Here are some reasons you should hire jewelry appraisers:

Estate Planning

This is especially true if you’re leaving home (or downsizing) and finally moving into a senior community. Hire appraisers to document your jewelry, so it’ll be easier to add them to your will. By doing this, you can also assign who can inherit each piece.

Pre-Purchase Confirmation noted that having jewelry appraisers look at pieces before buying could give you an assurance that you’re paying their true value. At the same time, you can confirm if you’re buying a real piece or not. Unsuspecting buyers often fall for fake stones.

Jewel experts suggest letting your jewelry undergo routine appraisal every five years. Precious stones and metal always increase in value as years go by. Consider an appraiser that is not interested in buying your jewelry. Otherwise, your jewelry will be appraised according to the value that will prove to be beneficial to the appraiser.

In addition, if you go to appraisers that melt precious metal, make sure that you ask them the price per ounce. Appraisers who melt metal for repurposing jewelry will give you a price based on weight only.

Insurance Replacement

If you’re not that old, however, you can still apply an insurance for your jewelry. Apart from going directly to companies that offer jewelry insurance, you can also have a house or renter’s insurance that comes with damage, theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance coverage for your belongings — including jewelry.

These are only some of the advantages of hiring an appraiser for your jewelry. Look for a good one in your area and you won’t regret it.